Sunday, December 16, 2007


100% Free at JustSayHi


BannerSeeker said...

I tried attempting this quiz a number of times - each time, when it gets to the result screen, it merely goes to the main page for just say hi.

Thinking I had to create a profile, I made one and then tried it - same response.

I then considered maybe it was the browser - I tried Internet Explorer and Firefox - no success.

Still, it is amusing. Did you get those results having taken the quiz or was that an amusing image you found?

BannerSeeker said...

By the way - thanks for lurking!

raegan said...

- Heeeeey, yeah that's funny it worked again fer me. It's a quiz, not just an image. Try it again!

- Oh, I'm always watching. Now if you'll excuse me, my son just crapped his pants.